11 Best Free Hand Exercise to do in 2021

Free Hand Exercises for Weight Loss
Free Hand Exercise

What are Free Hand Exercise

Free hand exercise are those exercises which are done with free hands means no weight like dumbbell or barbell is required, no other objects are required only you need is a good working flexible body. You only have to use your body weight In these workouts, they are performed by beginners or children. If you are new to workout so this is the first step to Fitness.

Free Hand Exercise at Home

Freehand exercise at home– Whole world has been under lockdown due to corona virus. In such  situation, doing every work by  yourself sometimes become a challenge for you. It is hard  to maintain your routine during lockdown but it is more harder to keep yourself full of energy and fit during lockdown. For this, it is very important that we do some kind of exercises at home so that we remain fresh, energetic and fit whole day.

So, let’s tell you when you have to do these simple free hand exercises at home . And  remember to do warm up before workout, otherwise you may end up having stretched muscles.

Benefits of Free Hand Exercises

  • Cutting your Expenses – When you go to gym or any other workout place they charge much, but if you perform free hand exercise, they are free. This will cut your Expense.
  • First Step to Fitness World – They are the first step to fitness world, because you will gain knowledge about body and you will get how to balance your body to perform to get your best body.
  • Improve Health of Heart – Exercising with equipments reduces stress, and a focused muscle is pressured. But according to experts, free hand workout has been seen increases heart beat rate and improve inner health.
  • Free Hand Exercises for School Students and Children – School Students are minor and have weak bones so to make them strong they can go for these exercises to be fit.

Free Hand Exercises are -

1. Push-up – Best Upper Body Workout

Pushups good for free hand exercises
  • It is a versatile exercise, everyone knows it how to perform.
  • Push ups are  beneficial for both upper body and core strength.
  • They are great for triceps, back, and shoulders .Push ups also helps in boosting blood circulation in the body. Push ups are good for beginners.

2. Crunch – Good Abdominal Free Hand Exercise

  • People who are working out daily at home must include crunches in their exercises.
  • Crunches are best free hand exercise for abdominals.
  • This is a exercise which you can do anywere, just lay on a mat and fold your legs and knees.
  • Fold hands and place them behind your head to give support to head.
  • While exhaling, raise yourself up off the floor as much as you can and keep your neck straight.

3. Skipping – Good Outdoor Exercise

  • Skipping is a great cardio exercise and also a Gym Body Exercise.
  • You have to do this outside because this require space to jump, this will increase your heart rate up.
  • Try to do skipping in sets so that you have time to take rest in between and increase reps.

4. Squats – Good Exercise for Lower Body

  • Squats are best freehand exercises. Squats helps in making the muscles strong and burning side fat and thigh fat. Squats is a Gym Body Exercise.
  • For this workout, keep both arms open in the front and stand up straight.
  • Then bend your knees and pose to sit as if you are sitting on a chair.
  • Start with less sets and gradually increase your reps.

5. Burpee – Good Free Hand Exercise

  • This is a good workout for increasing Heart Beat Rate.
  • For this set lie down on the ground and get back up quickly.
  • You have to repeat this process as per your strength if you feel tired, then take 10 seconds break in between.
  • Burpees is a good exercise for reducing body weight and fat.

6. Side Bends – Good Exercise for Flexibility

  • Side bends is a good way to bring balance to your entire body.
  • Doing Side bends exercise strengthens and brings flexibility to your spine.
  • Stand with your legs and shoulder width apart and your feet firm on the ground.
  • Keep your back straight and your look forward. 
  • Bend to your right, maintaining the straight back and then get back up. Continue the same way to your left. 

7. Leg lifts: Good Workout for Abdominals

leg lift
  • To do this, lie down on your back and lift your leg straight up and as far it goes.
  • Hold and bring the leg down slowly. Repeat this with the other leg.
  • Leg Lifts build abs and add muscle to the calf.

8. Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch – Good Free Hand Exercise

  • It is one of the most comfortable exercise.
  • You have to sit on ground with the waist straight and hold the elbow of the right hand with the left hand at the back.
  • Take your arms to the back so that it feels in the chest.
  • Hold yourself in this position. And repeat from starting.

9. Plank – Versatile Home Workout

plank is good free hand exercise
  • Plank is a good Free Hand Exercise. Sit on your yoga mat.
  • Then lie on your front with your forearms on the floor, toes tucked under, and then pull up your bodyweight up.
  • Keep your body in a straight line – don’t shake in the middle. Keep your core tight. Hold for few minutes and rest!

10. Plyometric, Jumping Lunges – Good Free Hand Exercises

You can do it: Lunge forward until your back knee is practically contacting the ground. Hop into the air, presenting your back foot and the front foot back. Land in a rush and rehash. Stand on the feet all the while to pad the effect on your joints.

Why: Just like burpees, these are ideal for developing your cardiovascular framework, yet will likewise help you assemble quicker, more remarkable quadriceps. Ideal if your leg day has endured a shot.

11. Spiderman Press-Up – Free Hand Exercises

You can do it: Get into a conventional press-up position. Low your body toward the floor and carry your correct knee to your correct elbow, keeping it off the ground. Press  your back up and return your leg to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

Why: Perfect in case you’re hoping to get some versatility in before an exercise or simply need to change around your chest schedule, Spiderman press-ups are the ideal other option in case you’re hoping to increase things.

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